Matthew Willson


MMath (Oxford, first-class) - 4 year course with a broad and rigourous mathematical base, focusing towards the end on set theory, topology, mathematical logic and theoretical computer science
Still dabbles with:
Relational algebra; type theory, category theory & programming language theory (Haskell anyone?); some statistical AI and data-mining techniques (Latent semantic indexing, feature extraction, high-dimensional spatial indexing)


Have been doing commercial web (and other) development for over 7 years:
Server-side development: web apps with Ruby, Python, PHP, Perl, Object-oriented design
Client-side development: solid XHTML/CSS; object-oriented Javascript, AJAX; Flash integration; rich user interfaces
Database development: MySQL, PostgreSQL, solid relational data modelling, indexing and optimization
Systems development: solid UNIX skills, web server setup / deployment, have scaled web applications to multi-tiered and clustered systems architectures
Teamwork: experience as lead developer; source control / bug-tracking / estimation; agile processes; architectural work and some project management
And coding for even longer:
First program around age 10 (anyone remember LOGO turtles the BBC B?)
As teenager wrote games, demos and desktop apps in BASIC, C, C++ and ARM assembler; designed built and programmed boards using the PIC microcontroller




Email: matt at drownedinsound dot com